IT administrators are often unaware of the various cloud applications that members of their organization use to do their day-to-day work.  Understandably, this poses concerns surrounding security risks such as unauthorized access to corporate data and possible data leakage. This lack of awareness can further jeopardize the ability to formulate a plan to address these security risks.

Fortunately, a feature of Azure Active Directory (AAD) Premium called Cloud App Discovery can alleviate these concerns.

With Cloud App Discovery, you can:

  • Find the cloud applications being used and measure that usage by number of users, volume of traffic or number of web requests to the application
  • Identify the users that are using an application
  • Export data for offline analysis
  • Bring these applications under IT control and enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for user management

How it works


  1. Application usage agents are installed on user’s computers to collect data from machines and devices.
  2. The application usage information captured by the agents is sent over a secure, encrypted channel to the Cloud App Discovery service.
  3. The Cloud App Discovery service evaluates the data and generates reports on the dashboard.

For more information, please see Getting Started with Cloud App Discovery.